Can You Imagine…? London Routemaster bus

On your special day (wedding day, 21st birthday, anniversary) a beautiful shiny London Routemaster bus (circa 1966) arriving at your designated pick-up location and all your friends, family and loved ones cheerfully jumping on to the open back; the ones who were cheeky at school heading straight for the top deck and the back seats, the more considered and reserved guests choosing a seat downstairs.

They create a fuss these buses.  People love 'em.  I guarantee you, whatever the weather, people smile when they see one of our Routemaster buses.


whatever the weather, people smile when they see one of our Routemaster buses.

Be prepared as you travel along (through London on a route you've chosen, or to a posh hotel you're having your wedding or party at), for members of the public to wave, shout out and broadly grin.  Get your best pose goin' on too, because the tourists love an old London Routemaster bus.  Who knows how many holidaymakers' photo albums I'm in?

I forgot to mention, being one of your 'hosts' on the back of your privately hired London Routemaster bus is like going out to play for the day, with the added bonus of getting paid for it.  How great is that?  Of course, we do have a resident host who is affectionately known as 'Blakey', but thankfully none of us are called 'Butler' so, for the most part, we manage to keep his moans and groans down to a dull roar.  Actually, joking aside, 'Blakey' works really hard and truly loves the RMLs (that's Routmaster London buses to you and me).  He knows exactly which bus is where and at what time and he'll happily tell you all about the inner workings of their engines… if you can spare an hour out of your life that you'll never get back.

So, bus people, regular people and any other type of people, check out our gallery of photos, think of an occasion and get hiring!

Hiring one of our buses is not simply hiring a vehicle; it's hiring an experience.

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