Christmas & New Year With Routemasterhire!

Twas the days in between when not much was doing,

The buses tucked up, in the field on the side cows were mooing,

Even for our buses days of rest are required,

They work hard all year, they sometimes get tired.


But 2018 is calling out loud,

Take a bus trip with friends, see them all be wowed!

We lay on the music, the drink and a host,

Whilst driving along you can raise your glass and toast,

To the New Year ahead, with all its surprises,

Join us on a bus, we fit all sizes!


So, if any of you managed to get to the end of that little ditty, well done! 

Please don’t hold the terrible poetry against us, our driving is far better!

Simply  click on the ‘Contact Us’ button at the bottom of this page and in under 24 hours your journey will  be underway!

Thank you for staying with us.



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