Retro Routemasters!

Howdy good people.  Our fabulously iconic Routemasters have been out and about in Great Britain.  Have you seen us?  If you do, feel free to give us a wave.  Our friendly, jolly drivers (particularly one called Bernie) will be pleased to let you jump on the passenger platform at the back of the bus, hang on to the monkey bar and pose.  It’s almost ‘Bus Law’ that you stretch your lips as far as you possibly can across your face into an inane grin and let the camera click!

Seriously, folks, these beautiful, shiny, symbolic, classic, vintage, circa 1966 Routemaster buses are utterly shmutterly FANTABULOUS!

They’ve been lovingly restored, nay, saved, from the scrapheap by and are now working buses once more.

We have it on good authority (buses talk, y’know… terrible gossips.  The bus yard is full of tittle tattle), that old London buses never really retire.  They’re happiest when they’re working.  Actually – a little known fact for you here – we have to restrict how many hours they do; they’d work all the time if they could!

So, if you’re ever in Welham Green after office hours, or after about midnight, listen carefully and you’ll likely hear faint whispers, soft snorts and even the occasional end-of-the-day little fart.  Don’t worry, it’s just our Routemaster buses settling down for the night, knowing they’ll be out again the next day.

Happy to serve.  Always smiling.  Our buses are people buses.  After all, they’ve full of personality!

Phone us on 01707 276066.  Email Jen on  Fill out our easy to use Contact Us form here; see what our wonderful customers have to say about us at

Whatever way you choose to get in touch, we’ll be happy to hear from you.  We’ve got fantastic deals and great prices to give away!  Get on board with us and be first in the queue!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for reading. 😆 

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