Routemaster bus 60th Anniversary

Google have done a Routemaster bus doodle to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the unveiling of the first ever Routemaster bus.


The Routemaster was designed in the 1950s to replace London's trolleybus network.

The bus featured the iconic rear platform, which allowed passengers to step inside the vehicle from an open door at the back.

To design the bus, London Transport used manufacturing techniques its staff had learned when helping build Halifax bombers during WWII.

Its aluminium design meant the vehicle was much lighter than previous London buses, but still had more seats.

It was also wider than its contemporaries, giving the conductor and passengers more room.

Production ended in 1968, and from the early 1980s many Routemasters were sold in the UK and worldwide seeing its owner's association begin a preservation movement.

By 2005 they were withdrawn from normal service, but due to their character and the way they symbolised London, are still used for private hire events like weddings and sightseeing tours.


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