Routemaster Wedding Bus Hire Brings Families Together!

I’m only telling you what you’re telling me!  Take a look at for customer feedback about hiring one of our vintage London Routemaster buses for your special occasion or event.

We’ll take you wherever you want to go – within reason!  Whether it’s London or the surrounding Shires, we can accommodate your needs.  So, if that means you’d like your guests to have some of the old ‘shampoo’ whilst en route, we can give you a dedicated Bus Host who will pour your guests their champagne (or fizzy wine…  your choice, we won’t tell), and make sure they stay topped up all the way from A to B.

We also provide music equipment for that all-important mix CD so you can create that “We’re all going on a summer holiday…” atmosphere.  What is it about classic, original, circa 1966 retro Routemaster double-decker buses that bring out the ‘sing-a-long’ in all of us?

So why not grab some of that feeling for yourself this summer and hire on of our beautiful, iconic symbols of London for a day out with the whole family creating memories you won’t ever forget!

Simply click or phone Jen on 01707 276066.  We’ll get back to you in under 24 hours and then we can get that proverbial ball rolling!

Don’t delay, click on us today!

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