Routemasters For Hire!

London, Paris, Rome…  The ‘burbs, the countryside…  We can take you wherever your heart desires.  Bespoke quotes are the name of the game, and we want to play the game with you!

Our historic Routemasters (circa 1966) are maintained to the highest of standards; our bus drivers are official bus nerds whose wives and girlfriends like nothing better than packing their dearly beloved off for the day on a bus job, leaving them time to catch up on the important things in life, like shopping and catching up with friends, safe in the knowledge their nearest and dearest is content behind the wheel of a Routemaster London bus.

Paddington on one of our classic Routemaster buses in 2014.  (Promo for the movie.)

Paddington on one of our classic Routemaster buses in 2014. (Promo for the movie.)

Oops!  That wasn’t a picture of someone’s husband, that’s Paddington!  He rode one of our iconic buses late last year to shamelessly promote his movie.  Paddington’s wise… he knew hiring a vintage Routemaster bus would be the best way of getting seen, and remembered, around London town.  Of course, we were happy to help.  (Marmalade sandwiches were just one of the perks of this job.  😉 )

Our Jen.  She was a Clippy back in the day.

Would I be lying if I told you the photo above is our Jen, the Office Manager from back in the day when she was a Clippy?  Um, yes, I probably would be.  Although I think Jen’s dream job would’ve been working on the buses.  Oh, wait a minute…  that’s what she does now!  Yes, Jen not only arranges your bus hire for you with friendly efficiency, she also hosts on the back of your personal bus for your trip.  She’ll pour your champagne, clear up any rubbish (empty bottles and such like), recycle the leftovers (that’s recycling the glass bottles, not supping any spare champagne!), answer any questions you may have about your Routemaster bus and provide a general all-round happy bit of banter during your journey.  She’s also very good at knowing when to keep quiet too!

A happy customer hired one of our buses for his wedding on 7th February.  Here’s what he had to say after his event:

“Our guests loved the bus and the scenic tour of central London! It also ensured that our guests made it to the reception on time and together!”

Melvin, whom I’ve quoted above, also gave us 5 stars!  Thank you, Melvin.  

To finish this blog, I’m calling upon you, happy bus people everywhere, to contact us and hire your bus today!  You’d best snap us up as bookings for 2016 and even a couple for 2017 have already been requested.  Don’t miss out.  These are the ways you can contact us:-

Communication, that’s what we like, you lovely people.  Phone us, email us, talk to us, shout at us if you like, but above all, book your classic, vintage London buses with us.  We really are the best in the business.

Thank you.


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