Routemasters Take Brides & Grooms From Hampstead to Harpenden And Back Again – Adding A Unique Element To Your Special Day!

Hi folks.  It’s blog time.  This past week we’ve been busy, busy, busy!  Perhaps it’s because spring is here, which means summer is calling us, or maybe it’s simply that here at we know how to throw a good bash!

You know when you deal with us you get experience, attention to detail, personal customer service and a bespoke experience tailor-made just for you!

Our drivers love what they do, they truly are bus nerds and it shows.  For instance, if Uncle Tim isn’t particularly interested in the bride’s dress, where it came from, how many adjustments needed to be made etc, point him in the direction of your bus driver.  He’ll be happy to answer any questions Uncle Tim’s got plus more besides.  Reminiscing about circa 1966 London Routemaster buses is a talent our drivers have mastered.

So, while Uncle Tim’s happy (we’ve all got an equivalent to ‘Uncle Tim’ haven’t we?), the rest of your party are also happy and in case there’s an Aunty Margaret (haven’t we all got the equivalent to ‘Aunty Margaret’ too?) who’s a little bit bored and would rather sightsee than ooh and aah over Little Johnnie’s pageboy outfit, there’s your personal Bus Host right there on the back of the bus with you.  They’re a knowledgeable lot our Bus Hosts.  They’re good listeners and happy to engage in easygoing chat about whatever you like, within reason!

So, make it easy on yourself, click here and fill out our Contact Us form.  Your inquiry will be processed TODAY and you’ll be contacted in under 24 hours – that’s guaranteed!

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