The Big Red Christening Bus!

Streatham to Clapham for a celebratory dinner was the order of the day for one very important little customer of ours this week!

Marcus hired one of our classic London Routemaster buses in honour of his christening.

You can see Marcus has pride of place on the top deck and up front looking out of the window and you’ll note his own personalised destination blind on the bus just so there’s no doubt as to who the bus belongs to!


Marcus' Christening. Streatham to Clapham, 31st May 2015.

Marcus’ Christening. Streatham to Clapham, 31st May 2015.

You’ll see Marcus also brought his Mum, Rebecca, with him.  Just as well – she helped keep his rowdy guests in line.

Marcus & Mum Rebecca, 31st May 2015.

Marcus & Mum Rebecca, 31st May 2015.

So, if you like what you see and you’d like to hire one of our buses to make your day special, email Jen on; go to our website and fill in one of our Contact Us forms; like us and send us a message via Facebook here; or you can Tweet us on

You can simply phone us on 01707 276066.  There’s an ansaphone so you can call at anytime.

All queries aim to be responded to within 24 hours, so get dialling, emailing, Tweeting, Facebooking or internetting today!

Thank you for reading.

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