Upper Street, Islington, N1 Routemaster buses

This is a regular destination for our Routemaster buses. Islington Town Hall have a thriving wedding trade and your well-chosen decision to hire a vintage London bus from https://www.routemasterhire.com will place you firmly in the annals of history.

Talking of vintage, let's not forget the other important vintage… your champagne!  Served to you and your guests by your personal host, this popular service will inject a little bit of extra fun and laughs into your event.

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This picture was taken in 1917.  Note the destination on the bus?  We've probably parked up in that exact same spot!

The 'clippie' on the back was so-called because of the 'clipping' of the bus tickets.  Not exactly rocket science, I know, but a charming little fact. At that time, 'clippies' were exclusively all women.  Make up your own jokes and/or sexist comments here.  wink

If you have any interesting, nerdy, geeky, outlandish or downright bizarre old London bus facts, let us know.  You can email on socialmedia@routemasterhire.com; you can Tweet on @Londonbushire, or you can visit our webpage at https://www.routemasterhire.com.  You can also phone and talk to our lovely Jen (Clippie Extraordinaire) on 01707 276066, who will take the time to tailor your event to your every wish and desire (test her, go on, I dare you).

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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