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Routemaster bus hire is probably busiest at weekends. The cost of vintage London Bus Hire for your event is a relatively small addition to your budget, and one that will pay off in bucketfuls.

Whether it’s hiring a party bus, a London tour bus, a wedding bus or a vintage London Routemaster double decker bus for your corporate ‘do’, are here to accommodate you.

And don't think that because weekends are full-on that we're sitting on our bums during the week.  Oh, no…  brides and grooms, partygoers and sightseers are very active on weekdays too.

In fact, here at we're a 7 day a week family run company.  Us band of merry Routemaster staff are constantly on the go to see that your special day runs smoothly and provides you and your guests with a one-off, unique experience.  You've got our knowledgable drivers all to yourself during your hire of your London bus, as well as your genial host at the back of your bus looking out for your guests, pouring them champagne, chatting if you want them to, quiet if you'd rather they not; all this plus Jen our Office Manager who is only a phonecall away.

Here's the link to our London bus hire photo gallery – we look forward to seeing you soon!

NB:  We'd love to have your comments and photos about your Routemaster experience.  Just click on the email address to tell us in your own words how your day went.  Thank you.


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